David J. Alexander

I have tremendous respect for GSA’s Schedule Contract Program. The contracts that GSA issues under the program span many different professional disciplines (for services) and types of products. To keep things organized, each of the different Schedules has a Statement of Work; and each SOW is broken down into sub-parts. In the formative days of the Schedule program, I think that someone with a good sense of humor decided what to call the sub-parts: “Special Item Numbers” (yes, “SINs”). Do you want to obtain a GSA Schedule Contract? Well, which SINs do you want to cover in your proposal. If you are in the government, do you want to obtain services from a contractor that has a GSA Schedule Contract? Well, you guessed it: in which SINs are you interested? I always like telling clients that when pursuing a GSA Schedule Contract they should cover as many SINs as possible.