Darron Passlow

I love your honesty and that will help in PM.
My suggestion is “get out and do it!” (and there is no time like the present).
PM is like riding a bike (you can only read and learn about it for a limited time and then you need to do it).
PM covers all aspects of work and life and good project managers are generally successful in what they do.
I am surprised how few people I meet outside (traditional) project management areas do not understand how to plan and manage a project (or their life).
PM is a great area to work in (as there are no restrictions on where you can apply it).
Also (degrees and qualifications aside), project management is a practical activity and you improve with practice (“doing it”). I am an engineer (with a PhD) but have no formally qualifications in PM. This has not stood in the way of my being involved with successfully managing major projects over my working life.
The certificates probably help when you are starting – but my advice is START and remember virtually no one picks their life career day one. PM gives you the basic discipline and approach to apply yourself to any situation. PM is a great area of endeavour and you will find where you fit in as you apply your skills and knowledge as you move forward. As Nike says “GO FOR IT!”