Kristina K Summers

I think that from what I have learned about tweeting it is important to build momentum. What I mean by that is that it is important to build relationships even on Twitter. If you are tweeting an event, you don’t begin a campaign aimed at the users you don’t have, you base it on the ones you have with the hopes that your audience will grow. Knowing that, you don’t want to overwhelm your followers or turn them off by tweeting to often. That said however, those on twitter expect a certain amount of information in “real time’ and do not not want to wait. Many agencies tweet as often as three times per day with varying subject matter and I think that works. With an event, start with reminder blasts as one of your regular tweets, then as you get closer add more to the roster. But be sure to vary them – so that they appeal to various audiences as well. If you send the same tweet over and over, people will either tune out or worse choose to leave the stream and mark you as SPAM.