Kathleen Smith

Congrats on the interview! I have to echo one of Debra’s points: getting the contact information from everyone you meet so that you can send a thank you note. Thank you notes are one of those lost social graces that make a big impact in not only job searching but in business in general. I can’t tell you how many hiring managers and recruiters that I have talked with who say they hardly ever get a followup note and those that they do get, they really remember the candidate.

Some things to think about with a thank you note:
Recap an important point in the meeting
Mention something about the person you met so they know you are truly writing the note to them rather than just a standard “thank you for your time” like I appreciated hearing about the leadership conference you attended at Duke and how that impacted your career.
Add in that one point that you forgot to add during the interview that you want to share with them. Many times we walk out of an interview and as soon as we get to the outside, we say “darn, I should have mentioned XYZ” Well the thank you note is the great place to put in this extra tidbit.

As I said thank you notes are a lost art, but they make a big difference throughout many stages of our careers and lives.