Amanda Blount

I tell people all the time, the way I do mine has been different from everyone else, but I keep going up, so I can’t be too bad. I have used your question, and I will give you an example of how I would answer it.

Keep in mind, this question is on almost every job I have seen. Once you get it right, then all you have to do is copy it.

Keep in mind… I just made up the below bullets from no experience at all. I meshed some of my experience with some my friend told me she had. You alway need numbers. And do not be afraid to request input from a job well done from the highest member and the lowest member of your group.



Ability to communicate orally and in writing with a wide range of individuals from varied backgrounds which may include national VA program officials, national level offers and contractors, members of the press, and members of congress and their staff personnel.


I list each position I have ever held under each KSA and explain each answer as a seperate answer. I give no less than 5 bullets for each KSA….

Company ABC

* Extensive work and communication with various levels of the public from laborers, to congress members.
* Created and supervised the first and only VTC training project in TN which brought together a huge number of soldiers and civilians; this VTC saved time, money, and materials.
* Work sucessfully with the VA Contracting Office Teams on projects for veterans and their families. These families consisted of people from various religious, racial, and generational backgrounds. I help the families navigate the VA process and provided translators and service support resources when needed.
* Provided customer service to over 250 returning troops within 3 months on specific projects concerning suicide prevention and PTSD.
* Conducted VA training on (your specific project – Ex: Suicide Prevention and PTSD) with various groups of the public up to 500 trainees. The members who attended were emplorers, civilians, and soldiers from every class, station, racial, and social background. I received a letter of appreciation from Congressman Jones, and ABC trucking company for my direct, yet informative training session.


Now do this with every job you have ever had, and do this with every KSA (normally no more than 5). And list no less than 5 bullets under the job title – but feel free to add more if it is important.

I am sure with your consulting work, your communication skills over a wide range of people will not be hard to document.