What fraternity? I was FarmHouse (FH) – only at land grant institutions…started out for only ag majors, then evolved. We were as geeky as it sounds…not necessarily Lambda Lambda Lambda, mind you, but definitely some smart, overachieving guys (present company excluded ;-).

For Greek Week one year we had a swing dance competition. We did a routine to “Devil Goes Down to Georgia.” We tore it up and won that year…not just that dance competition, but the whole week. I think we killed the athletic portion that year, too.

We also had a Varieties show each spring where we’d each team up with a sorority to produce an original musical…again, on the nerd front, we were kind of known for singing/performance, etc…so usually were perennial top 2 for that competition.

You just brought back a flood of memories there! Thanks, dude.