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I’m with state government, rather than the federal, but I’ll throw my two cents in just the same: using a resume review in a civil service environment with hiring rules (ours is the rule of top ten), veteran’s preference (especially absolute preference) and the possibility of an appeal from any rejected (or unselected) applicant strikes me as a recipe for disaster. Having said that, I think we in the public sector might be guilty of overburdening job descriptions with vague, confusing and, in the worst cases, unvalidated KSA’s. Old-fashioned as it may sound, I prefer focusing on the most important (and validated) KSA’s required for a job and testing applicants on them–whether it be through in-basket exercises, structured interviews and/or written objective examinations. Lastly, I don’t know what kind of resumes you receive in the federal government, but we routinely receive some that are…how can I say this…embellished. I would hate to make screening decisions solely on their content.