Emi Whittle

IMHO, it is more difficult today than ever before to have a “balanced” life of any sort. There are so many studies examining the role of stress in health issues, the lack of “equity” for working women, and the stress of having 24/7 accessibility to the world…. i know most days I feel like I “work” from about 7am to 9 or 10pm… because after leaving “work” I go home and do more “work” – cleaning, feeding, arranging, laundry, etc. There isn’t any less of that to do simply because I leave the house to “work” every day – there are just fewer hours in which to accomplish it all! So, something has to go…. some things go undone or not cleaned, some chores fall by the wayside, not everything gets the attention that it should… but we all just do the best we can to meet the needs within and around us!