Susan Baker

Once upon a time I used to be a type B couch potato, had a nice balanced life, knew how to relax, enjoy hobbies, etc. Then I changed jobs, to one I love, where I get paid for what I used to do on vacation! And to do a whole heck of a lot of other ‘stuff’ (other duties as assigned became much greater than the assigned duties). I became a type A workaholic. I worked late, took stuff home, took stuff on vacation, and actually met all the crazy deadlines with good products. Then seriously burned out. Big time. Now I’m trying to re-find that balance (I did learn, the office will go on without me, and in some cases, better than one I was there). Lesson learned — no matter how indispensable you feel you are or how indispensable management may say you are, the office will survive with out you. Make sure to take time for yourself, for your happiness, for your health. Stress can be a killer…. even good stress….