Lara Coutinho

Hello Bill,
Please take serious note that addictions, especially workaholism, are serious diseases. The term should not be used lightly regardless of the great number of us that suffer from this disease. When a person is addicted to something (work, alcohol, drugs, sex, diet pills, books, etc) they are using that thing to numb out from deeply rooted problems that need addressing. When a person actually addresses those problems, the addiction becomes a habit that can be dealt with openly – but with a hell of a lot of work. It is this work – personal growth work – that is hard, makes people feel vulnerable, and is rarely taken on in our society. Yes, even personal growth work is something a person can get addicted to to numb out from some other problem. It can be anything.

Please take time to read up on the twelve steps and twelve traditions. Always remember that “God” is intended to refer to a person’s higher power however that is interpreted for that person – not necessarily one divine being. You can Google the classics yourself, so I will bring your attention to one of the lesser known versions: Codependents Anonymous (CODA). http://www.codependents.org/tools4recovery/twelvesteps.pdf. For programs I am aware of that can actually help a person do that hard, scary, unusual work to move their life into better balance, I bring your attention to these: http://www.womanwithin.org, http://www.mkp.org, http://www.lightly.com. This is not an advertisement. I’ve just been down this road and back again to tell the tale. Help is there for those who want it. Yours, Lara Coutinho