Kimberly Hill

I’ve been accused of being a ‘workaholic’ …
I like things to be done well and to be on time, so it is hard to turn that off the minute I walk out of the office. Then, as a reward for doing a good job, more assignments get sent my way. Hence, the plate that often seems too full. There are too many disruptions in a typical day at the office to get everything done. I also try to keep a balanced life, in that I do not allow work to detract from my family responsibilities. Something has to give though – for me, the sacrifices are sleep and ‘me’ time. That’s not a complaint – I like what I do – it’s just reality. Blackberry’s are definitely addictive. However, I find that it’s an expectation, even when I am on vacation, that if anything important comes from management, I will see it and respond in a timely manner.