Cheryl Huddleston

I think all conscientious people would answer yes to some or all of these questions. No hard-working professional can turn off their mind when they go home. But those people who are on their Blackberrys and I-phones constantly have an inflated sense of their importance. Very few things, unless their is some true crisis situtation – and those will be few and far between – cannot wait until the next day. And I have found that those people who “Blackberry & I-phone” constantly are no more efficient and get no more work done than their counterparts who, for the most part, leave work at work. In fact, I think many of them get less work done, because, let’s face it – much of what they are doing has nothing to do with their job; or, they are disorganized and inefficient. Seems like a few years ago people were more focused during the workday and got more done in less time without all the electronic interruptions (excepting email & Internet).