Ari Herzog

How will I know your Friday blog post will be up? Will that be in the featured blog posts? 😉

I’m curious if other people like that “rotating carousel,” in your words. I grasp your perspective for new users, but for people visiting every day or multiple times a day, it can be repetitive — and better placed elsewhere.

As for search, suppose I want to know blog posts and discussion posts that match the word, “Boston.” I can type the word in the top-right search box but each page of results shows so many profiles and one group; each result page is x number profiles and 1 group. The group makes sense, though I’d rather see all of them and not one per page. The profiles are meaningless as a name alone does not mean said person is living in Boston, working in Boston, working *for* Boston, etc. But that search box doesn’t tell me posts. I know I can search blog/discussion posts separately, so how about combining the two into one search form?

The green box topics make no sense to me, as… again, if I want to search geographically (or by level of government, even), there’s no way to sort. And try to rethink the auto-open in new windows.