Hey Ari – You’re never shy about expressing your opinion, are you? 🙂

A few points:

1. Featured Blogs/Discussions – I actually have a blog post in draft form that will address this issue. Hope to have it posted by Friday.

2. Rotating Carousel at Top (“horizontal scroll”) – Used to have this on the right side of the page essentially. Now we highlight key content in that carousel. Plus, it adds a nice visual upon landing on the page. Makes it “pop” when you arrive. Larger faces welcoming you when you come to the community.

3. Keyword Search – every website that I visit has a problem with search, including Facebook. You can never get the term quite right. What are you searching for? Give me a specific example. I’ll work from there to help you find a solution that will apply not only to that search, but to other searches in the community.

Aside: I wrote a blog on “How-To: Use Tags Like a GovLoop Rockstar” to help in this regard.

4. Green Box Topics – Those are designed to make GovLoop less overwhelming – again, tied to tagging, they allow members to gain access to content much more easily. In some ways, it’s a solution to your search concern, hitting the most popular categories among members.

At the same time that I offer these answers, I would invite you to offer a solution or recommendation for every concern that you have articulated above. You certainly stir things up, Ari, and you and I know one another well enough that I can challenge you to not only point out issues…but to come up with some alternatives for fixing them. 🙂

Looking forward to your positive solutions!