Steve Radick

This is SO frustrating for me to read – has this employee tried to speak up before? I’ve come across this numerous times at my company too (and even wrote a post about it) and many more times than not, the organization’s leaders are not only happy to see people speak up, but want to encourage it. Leaders (for the most part) don’t want a bunch of yes men – they want to be able to have conversations, debates, and free thought.

My advice?
– It’s far worse to NOT speak up and be told that you should be more vocal than to be told to ease off a bit.
– Don’t just identify problems. Identify potential solutions as well.
– Leaders don’t just want a list of options. They want your recommendation as well.
– Out of earshot, out of mind. If you’re not speaking up, it’s not like you’re in the meeting at all.

A leader would MUCH rather have to pull back an overeager employee than try to figure out a way to get someone interested.