Amanda Blount

There is a huge amount of training we are expected to pick up on the job, but what if the other people were not properly trained, don’t want to share knowledge, or are just very busy, then new people never get the right training. I am very glad I work with a great group of people who don’t mind sharing when they have time, but, I am a lucky one. Proper training in our field is not what it should be. Before anyone gets into this field, they need to know they will need outstanding mutil tasking abilities, and be able to understand a contract from the clouds, not just from one spot in time. I see it alot where some people have a hard time understanding Intent, and never asking the hard questions from the customers.

** Contracting people need to learn to “chill” over their contracting work. I just spent 2 days on a contract that got cancelled, and yes I was very frustrated, but I got over it. Then I continued to the next contract. I have seen it where some contracting people really stay upset for days over lost work. New contracting people need to know they may work for weeks (and months) on contracts, which in the end just do not work and will get cancelled. They need to learn that sometimes the wasted time is a learning experience, and not really wasted time. Sometimes what you learned through research actually just saved the Government tons of money and it is a good thing the contract was cancelled. That is our job! If a contract gets cancelled because of something we found (what happened to mine), then GREAT, we did a great job!**