Joshua joseph

I like your big 3 and many of the other suggestions here. Streamlining the application process matters because top talent has lots of options. So even though federal agencies typically have no shortage of applicants to choose from, the longer it takes the less likely that the “best” folks will still be available when the hiring decision is made.

It’s surprising that no one has mentioned the assessment process…which is really the make or break for finding the right applicant/job fit. If agencies use weak assessment tools…and many do, they are basically rolling the dice in hiring. When you add that up across many hires, agencies can be putting mission goals at risk. The solution isn’t just to automate the process…technology can be a great help if used right, but if it’s not, all you’ve done is pave the cowpath. In many cases, major improvements can be made just by asking better questions on the job application form and insuring that the interview process is rigorous and structured, rather than off-the-cuff and ad-hoc.