Christopher Dorobek

Some additional data points — Federal News Radio 1500 AM all week is doing a special series — HR: Reinvented — and we are talking to a wide range of people about this issues that OPM, the Obama administration and government face.

As part of that, Federal News Radio conducted a survey of feds — and the results are quite interesting. Essentially, people are very cynical about reforms — essentially, been there and haven’t done anything of value.

Federal News Radio found that 47 percent of the 385 respondents say they are not optimistic about OPM’s efforts to reform the federal HR processes. About 8 percent say they are very optimistic and 35 percent say they are somewhat optimistic.

These findings are not scientific, of course, but… they don’t really surprise me either.

Related but unrelated: If you’re thinking about these issues, I would highly recommend the book DRIVE by Daniel Pink. We featured it recently on the Federal News Radio Book Club, where we got to talk to the author — and GovLoop’s Steve Ressler joined the discussion. You can read more and hear the Federal News Radio Book Club discussion here.