David Fletcher

In the context in which we are using it today, it most generally implies [disassociation of software from a specific piece of hardware (server).] Thus, your software application (or data) is no longer tied to a specific piece of hardware.

My ten words are bracketed.

It is very important in today’s world because of the potential for savings. When agencies began to flee mainframe environments because of expense, they would often just buy a new server every time they built a new app. It was easier to get grant funding this way. Most of these server based apps were never optimized for efficiency because individual servers were relatively cheap anyway.

Here’s a very simple video. (Virtualization 101)
There are quite a few out there.

By the way, we’ve virtualized over 85% of our servers so far in Utah and will save millions of dollars in the process. In the process, we are setting up a platform for the private cloud portion of our Utah Hybrid Cloud Environment for the future.