John Westra

What is all this fondness for “calmness!?” A “Pax” on Calmness!

One of my favorite movies is Serenity… not because it’s “calm,” but because it speaks to the outcome of a beneficent totalitarian government called The Alliance, that used the planet Miranda as a testing ground for the chemical agent G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate, or simply “Pax” (Latin for “peace”). It was added to the planet’s air processors in order to calm the population and weed out aggression. The agent worked, but too well: 99.9% of the population became so lethargic that they stopped working, talking, and eventually eating and moving. They simply lay down and succumbed to death. The remaining “tenth of a percent” (i.e. 0.1%) of the planet’s 30 million people had the opposite reaction to the Pax, becoming mindlessly violent and extremely aggressive.

Show me a government that is trying to “calm” the population and I’ll show you a woman who suggested the best method for doing so was to give her people “cake!”

Back to the original question… Teddy Roosevelt of course! “Walk softly but carry a big stick!”