Matthew W

1.) John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK)… the best leaders can reevaluate situations when they make mistakes (they use situational leadership)… JFK knew that he made mistake with the Bay of Pigs Invasion, but recovered mightily with his handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis It’s a shame that his life was so short.

2.) William Jefferson Clinton – On on board with Govloop’s characteristics here… WJC was smart, relatlively calm (when he was going harrassed by the 24/7 cable news cycle), and incredibliy analytical… he was (and still is) a true policy wonk and could debate ANYONE and WIN EVERY TIME.

3.) I’m also on board with Sterling’s selections of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Harry Truman…. and as a former State Department employee, I have immense respect for Colin Powell and Richard Armitage.

4.) Obama has changed the world image of American forever.