In my life, nothing has made me come more alive than public service. I have always felt called to a life of public service, and it is now my responsibility to continue acting on this call to the best of my ability. Looking back over the years, I realize that everything I have really given myself to has in some way or another manifested itself in the realm of public service. Within the broad-based public service arena, my most compelling area of interest has centered on developing sustainable communities. Without always cognitively recognizing it, I have been working for the cause of sustainable communities for many years. My dedication to the purposeful education and heightened awareness of the public with the goal of sustainability in every sense of the word has been evident in all of my activities. The uniting force that drives these involvements and everything I find myself thinking and doing is public service. I am who I am today because I have allowed myself to be opened up and poured out into the atmosphere of the public, and the positive outcomes have been nothing short of remarkable. For this reason, I know it is in a career in public service that I am called to immerse myself.
Initially, I entered the Public Administration field with the idea of one day becoming a City Manager. While I am still completely receptive to and driven toward that possibility, my education and experiences have left me open to a range of others as well. Over the last few years, for example, I have grown exponentially in terms of my interest in and involvement with environmental sustainability. My belief that the government has a much larger role to play in this regard has caused me to consider the possibility of a career in environmental policy. This could mean anything from serving as a City Sustainability Director to serving as an administrator in the Environmental Protection Agency. Regardless of where my career in public service takes me, I know that sustainable community development will be the fire that fuels my efforts.
Currently, I am completing my first year in the Master of Public Administration Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While earning my degree, I am serving as a Research Assistant/Environmental Finance Analyst with the Environmental Finance Center at the School of Government. Throughout this school year, I have grown immensely and learned a great deal about what it takes to confront and solve complex community issues through the lens of collaboration. In a strong and compelling manner, I feel as though who I am can make a truly significant positive difference in the world of the public sector. It is for this reason, coupled with considerable financial need, that I believe myself to be a highly qualified candidate for the CampusGov.com & GovLoop.com Scholarship. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.