Srinidhi Boray

“Service to Public is Service to God”. This is what is found engraved on the walls in many government offices in India. Public service offers infinite opportunity to apply creativity at work for the betterment of human condition. Also, since the motivations while serving public office is not mere money, the rationality can be much better applied that leverages resources for the betterment of man-kind. Gandhi Ji had said this, when he chose to work for the common man from his heart rather than motivations stemming from head, he experienced immense creativity. It were as if infinite creative capacity was made available to him which in turn created ceaseless energy for work. And, fountain of joy derived from it made Gandhi Ji lunge in his mission with child-like fervor much against the formidable forces. If Pubic service contains such gargantuan potential for joyful work, bringing one closer to common man, then roads to heaven have been realized on this very earth, while being on a simple mission to be of service to fellow human beings.

It is worth recalling, that Jesus when he prodded people to work for the welfare of others and not just be engaged in applying business mind in compounding material, he called them all “Prudent Fools”. Yes, such it is while serving public, it not prudent material wise, but yes in it much providence awaits the worker.

Public service exposes one to complexity ridden system. Constantly dealing with such a system endows one with multi-faceted capacity for problem solving. Gaining such a capacity provides one enlightening experience. Especially, in the application of the skills developed that ensures results for the betterment of fellow human beings. In such work, also is ocean of source for self actualization.