Rebecca Roggenbuck

I am a young and ambitious federal employee. I started my career at the very bottom of the GS scale working in several field offices in rural Michigan. Over the last 8 years I have worked my way up the ladder in my agency and gained the respect of many along the way with my dedication and hard work. I have considered myself very fortunate to have such a good job that I also enjoy.

Almost two years ago I moved to Washington DC where my desire become a successful leader was only fueled by the vast opportunities and fast pace DC has to offer. I can’t learn enough about what drives this city, the most powerful one in the world.

I have spent 8 years learning to perform in the public sector and have 34 to go. As a federal employee I often hear criticisms about how bureaucracy and inefficiency holds up progress and impresses hardship on its citizens. I know how diligently my colleagues and I work to do the right thing; these criticisms are hard to hear. However, in my experience I have found that some of these criticisms have foundations in truth. There are real improvements that can be made if leaders understand where we’re going and where we’ve been when making decisions.

For this reason, I have begun my Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program full time online (while working full time) to help me gain valuable knowledge about theories behind the structure I work in. I I believe that when it is my turn to lead, I will be prepared with the tools that will allow me to make a positive and lasting mark in the public sector. Each semester, I spend time researching the past successes and failures of government reform.

I believe that starting from the very bottom and working my way up to National Headquarters in less than a decade shows my ability to be successful in the public sector. My use of innovative technology to obtain an accredited MPA online while working full time is a demonstration of my ability to self start and work hard. It also shows dedication to my profession as a civil servant, and my ability to adapt and use the kind of technology that could transform the public sector. Granting me this scholarship would be a good investment because the knowledge I gain is instantly given back to the citizens of the country as I serve them every day. The return on the investment will only increase as I share and use that knowledge to make the government a more efficient and effective place.