Steve Ressler

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LeAnn Cook

I worked for the Office of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization (OLETC), until the end of September 2008. OLETC was a program of the National Institute of Justice the research arm of the Department of Justice. We were responsible for the commercialization and deployment of technology for the law enforcement and corrections arena. Later we became responsible for First Responders in general. I was responsible for the research of the technologies. I had been employed for nearly 14 years when we lost our funding.
I am currently involved in the new program at Belmont Technical College in their IT department called: CyberSecurity and Computer Forensics (CSF). I believe with my background and other education in the Criminal Justice field once I graduate I would be a valuable asset to the Homeland Security Department or any U S Governmental Agency. I had formerly worked with the U S Department of Justice – U S Attorney’s Office in Columbus, Ohio and the Veterans Administration Office of District Counsel in Lexington, KY. Both positions were stepping stones into the position at OLEC.
My education and work experience makes me a well rounded employee for any governmental agency and with the issues today of CyberSecurity and Terrorism I would be right on target for employment with the U S Government again.