Jeremiah Holder

Hello Nicole,

While I possess many of the attributes and talents required for such a position as Product Manager, I do not yet have the professional experience described. I am currently a student in a Master’s program for IT Project Management, but have a breadth of experience from Air Force member, to GS employee for the Army, to product development lead for a small start-up, to programmer for a aerospace corporate giant.

My passion is innovation and entrepreneurial idea sharing. I also am very excited to stumble upon this govloop.com site as it sponsors a desperately needed paradigm shift in the government service sector. I see that the Casebook application also is making a huge step forward in maximizing the use of social media and information sharing to better serve the community.

What, if anything, can one do to move into this sector, and are you familiar with a good avenue/approach to accomplish this?

Best regards,

Jeremiah Holder