Srinidhi Boray

I just got manipulated by a predator owning a 8(a) contract. This has been an end-less experience and have on many times complained to OIG. Nothing much happened. I think this category is most abused in Government. Having worked as a contractor being an employee of companies owning the contract has been an terrible experience. Especially when my work entails establishing “line of sight” for the investments all the way to the correct motivations that delivers results to citizens. This is despite legislations in place.

People have just become immune, are in callous disregard absolutely careless and wanton. These people need to be dealt with iron fist. All complaints must be displayed for the public to read.

Contracts and task orders are many times gamed by the collusion of the Contractors and officials.

There are very strict standards, ACTs, Policies – a very robust system exists – but somehow people seem to get away. I wonder if OIG really acts.

I am thinking I must myself publish the complaints. But am not convinced that the law will prevail. We are living in a complex mess where DC bandits have thrived and have become very large and powerful.