Srinidhi Boray

Interesting video. That govt has allocated $ 48 Billion under Recovery Act towards the creation of High Speed Rail n/w over the country, it has triggered splurge of planning activities over the world. Especially among those who have already developed high speed train capability (speed reaching 150 Miles). The plan envisages to further leverage the inter-modal network. This plan needs co-ordination between federal and state offices. Furthermore among hundreds of manufactures spread out globally.

High Speed Train is believed to trigger the manufacturing base for a while and many ancillary units are also expected to emerge. Of course!! IT, especially the wireless is expected to play a big role in developing state of art services for the travelers.

Has anyone travelled by Adirondack Train to Toronto via NY. From DC to Toronto by Train is mere $100 /- one way. Cant beat that price and awesome journey.

Need to be seen how this turns out.