Gary Berg-Cross

Thanks for the response. I see that you had on your BuyCamp site 6 useful rules to guide things:

1.No ties or suits. This is Informal City. Enjoy it.
2.Any participant can give a speech. Just show up early with good ideas and post them on the speech board before others do.
3.Interrupt speakers at any time. No hand raising.
4.If you don’t think you’re getting anything out of a session, just walk out and go to another one. It’s not a big deal. It’s not rude. It’s just how these things work.
5.Show up to learn, not to promote yourself.
6.Follow-up action and results are stressed. This isn’t for talking heads; it’s for do-ers.

I guess one of my own experiences concerns # 5 (Show up to learn, not to promote yourself) which is a good generaly guidance, but I often see something in between these contrasts emerging as people offer their own experience and learning to others when it is situationally appropriate and hopefully invited. The fact that we use various tools such as “pads” to capture notes often useful here as a person who has something to “say” can get it down in the notes.

Sometimes it is a bit akward when rule 3 is involved (Interrupt speakers at any time)…One has to be mature to know when an interruption may cut off a chain of reasoning that is important to the speaker. If sessions where people respect one another this happens less. Still I worry that as unconferences become more of a norm and widely used we will have issues with people who are quite full of themselves.