Walter Neary

I’m with Bill, I’d say in this day and age ‘communication.’ Very appropriate for govloop.

That might seem an odd choice, because you think ‘leadership’ and you think some man or woman perched on a cliff waving wisdom, foresight and courage in front of an endangered crowd. You think of some dramatic quality consistent with innovation, vision, courage, etc…

But the biggest foe of a government leader is confusion and lack of education among those she or he serves. The average citizen has no clue what he or she is getting for whatever amount of total taxes they are paying … and outside of members of the traditional and new media who bring their own issues to the table, the people most willing to communicate with those citizens are peddling party agendas, demagoguery, and at worst, hate.
The tools and tactics we are using to convey information don’t seem to be sufficient for an informed constituency. Leaders are tempted to pander to party agendas, demagoguery and even hate to preserve their position and not challenge what voters think they know. That ain’t healthy. Good democracy is predicated on an informed community that can help supplement any other leadership quality the leader may or may not have. But the people of the democracy will only make decisions and requests as healthy as their understanding of the real problems, issues, needs and opportunities.