Innovation is indeed important; however, it is equally important to think wayyyy outside of the box. Too often while listening to the news and other talks on the tv (including CSPAN at times), I was talking back to the television and asking, “Why does it have to be black or white? Why can’t you please think outside of the box for a change of pace?”

Thank goodness a plan for Healthcare Reform has passed, although it isn’t clear exactly all the ramifications that it will have upon us in the future, because it clearly needed some change to come about so that it wasn’t healthcare for only the survival of the fittest basically. Hopefully, that change came about because some folks FINALLY thought outside of the box and came up with some creative solutions.

This will need to be an example to others in the government that change is possible with thinking outside of the box. Even so, other skills of communication, listening, etc. will need to be utilized in order to think outside of the box. 😉 lol..