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Amanda Blount

When I first started I commented how incredibly smart it was to include the rankings (and I still agree with that). I think as a community full of A type personalities it is fun to see your ranking go up and become a person others go to when they need help. I love it! many people love to have feedback about what they do. It is the same concept as that electronic green tree on the new green cars. The better you drive the bigger your tree grows.

I read once where one of the social networks (I think it is facebook) was going to put feedback about how you treat your “friends”. Your friends would have little codes to show if you treated them well, or if you never talked to them. It was feedback many people wanted, but I have not seen it yet.

PLUS, as a Community Greeter and Leader, the rankings give me immediate feedback about how well I am doing my volunteer job. I try to get 100 points, or more, a week. If I don’t get that many, then I know I am not doing a good volunteer service to Steve and Andy. So, at first, I used it as kind of a fun game to earn points by doing all kinds of things (just like any game that gives you points to do something), now I use it as a gauge to keep me on track.

BTW – if we all did not “talk to much” there would be no Govloop! LOL