Amanda Blount

I too get tired of everyone using Government employees as fodder, but we are the easiest go to group. There are so many of us, and as I read here, even we get tired of Government Customer Service sometimes. But, with that said, I went to the DMV and so did my daughter and even though the lines were long, and the parking lot full, the employees were nice and helpful.

Plus, I also understnad that 5 DMVs have been closed down around our area and all customers must come to our town. BUT, there was only one more person hired for our DMV!!! Cut-backs hurt everyone, and the employees must be feeling the pressure. I am sure they are tired and worn out handling all the towns around us making the same pay as they did before. Also, I am sure they are saddened when they were told more people would be doing their business online so closing 5 offices would not affect our office too badly. Yeah right. Ours is always backed up and the employees always look completely worn out. So, I do have some mercy for them, and I hate that they keep getting picked on too.