Philip L. Hoffman

Should they be expected to be more civic-minded than the person putting price-stickers on the marked-down canned goods in the pet-food aisle? Personally, I wouldn’t think so.

I disagree with this part of your overall good statement. Regardless of how a person comes to be a public employee, once they are their attitude is as much a function of their training, career support, mentoring and supervisor as it is their inherent personality. Excellent customer service in the public sector SOMETIMES comes from with in, but many more times it comes because the organization has trained its people to be that way, rewarded them when they are, and sanctioned them when they aren’t. Eerily similar to the private sector – companies renowned for excellent customer service inculcate it from the beginning, and it perfuses their culture at all levels.

And I hate to be the outlier, but I have yet to have a bad DMV experience.