Beth Beck

Why choose? Meet the need is, wherever the need exists.

We, in the government, are public servants and charged with serving needs of the taxpayer. What a concept, right? If we provide stellar info online, our taxpayer (who has access to a computer or wifi phone) can save time and money by finding info online. We’re generally not known for being good at meeting the needs of the public online or in person — otherwise Saturday Night Live wouldn’t have so much fun at our expense. (I have my own horror stories about DC traffic court arguing a ticket for parking in a no parking zone, yet my car was parked at a meter with time still left on the meter.) The lesson I learned was to pay the ticket whether I deserved it or not — OR spend 8 hours in traffic court only to get a ruling that I have to pay the ticket anyway. Grrrrr.

The biggest key is engaging the public (in a POSitive way) — through every means possible. Share information. Welcome questions. In person. By phone. On the web.

SERVE them. It’s our job. 🙂