C Porche

Having just finished the frustrating annoying task of dialoguing with the State of Virginia which placed a lien on my bank account for unpaid state taxes two years ago. I have not lived in Virginia for 10 years. Consequently the urgent communique dated in January 2010 -reached my domicile on april 10- 30 days beyond the due date of any action. The utter frustration of having issues that do not meet the box formula for the fellows on the other end of the chat line has been supremely disorienting. There are some circumstances where a person and their identified responsibilities are more efficient. As we discuss customer service and crazy in one breathe- participating in online in a chat- uncovering information as an “agent ” is typing a way at multiple clients- the opportunity to generate ill will with the lack of precision and focus is high. Each of the three conversations had agents off target. The heart burn was high. Sometimes its great when you know you have a simple question can you fix this? fabulous but for the special cases when things and the consequences of error are sensitive-the consistency of one to one ( who is equipped to understand and make the decision) is superior. On another front folks are so eager with the chatting that their awkward positions are clearly documented.

By the time most of it was concluded I fired of emails to the public liason and a couple of higher ups because I felt out of the loop. The “Do you want my help or what” in a chat conversation goes really far in creating warm and fuzzies.