Srinidhi Boray

Let me relate another amusing incident (not at Navy Yard) – I was working on a design project working towards “Virtualization”, the CIO’s and other leaders rather shamefully received awards for their efforts 🙂

While on this project, I asked my boss can I work some days when I am not meeting the client from home and use the time saved ( 4 hours) productively. Answer was no. We are creating some sort system for teleworking, but we ourselves cannot practice what we preach.

20 years back, I worked from my home in India for nearing 7 years being self employed 🙂

15 years back SAP had achieved a development environment “follow the sun” design collaboration. Many of its employees in USA and India never ever met their immediate boss. And, yet got very good honest appraisal of their skills.

The challenge is, we are living in a dysfunctional world. Bosses feel less in control if they cannot physically subjugate their workers.

There is a very strong drive for achieving “teleworking” – green movement, etc, also I thin there is a legislation to that effect. On the other hand within Agencies there are efforts to subvert it 🙂 owing to funding reasons.