Chris Ngo

This is in reply to Mr. Meyer Moldeven. Sir, do you imply the high rate of suicidal is because of Vietnam War? It is an unpopular war that the Vietnameses never wanted to get involved. Do you imply war casualties & family veterans Americans (who are also my countrymen) should also have a kind of recompensation in order to avoid suicide? A recompensation that lead to a block against Vietnameses, in country or in Vietnam, a policy that America pursuit right after war without any good result? One last question, do you know who or how American media grassroots responded to the change of attitude toward the veterans in a better way more with gratitude? hint: Katrina 2005. Might want to consider freedom of speech abuse, or clean up for a healthier democracy in order to avoid suicide. The very problem of suicide is consumption, self righteous, self ego, power vs. ideology, a self constraint condition of democracy and freedom. The ideal is right but the direction is wrong, is self served agenda through systems networks at the expenses of small minorities/countries who do not have access to voice and representatives. This is just a small opinion with all due respect to you and to the GovLoop. Very sincerely yours. cn