Meyer Moldeven

Re: “Why Engage Citizens Online? They Only Complain Anyway.”
That title suggests to me that the ‘citizen’ is of the ‘general public’ and needs assistance or understanding from a gov’t official. I worked in an IG shop for many years, and investigating civil service and military complaints to the IG and preparing replies to Congressional Inquiries were a significant part of my duties. My experience is that most military and civilian people in government service don’t “…Complain Anyway.” They do know when they’re getting a brush off.

About Congressionals, the following is from a gov’t pamphlet.

Members of Congress hold their office by the vote of their citizen- constituents. Public Law entitles constituents to correspond with their elected officials, who, in turn, will seek answers, information, and resolutions from government agencies. —– soldiers, members of their families, civilian employees, or anyone else may ask their elected officials to help them with a matter involving them and/or the Department of the —-. Members take very sincere and active interest in their constituents’ problems and will insist each inquiry be given sympathetic consideration, equitable treatment, and timely response. Mike