Amanda Blount

Go for it. I happened to be in VA when the floods hit, but I have my computer up and running. I am using my cell phone to talk and text (communicate) with my other coworkers, and using e-mail to send contract information back and forth. Our boss, who has been deployed to work the floods, is also using his blackberry to also keep in contact with the office to make sure contracts are getting done. We had one employee who was physically cut off from work (the bridge was flooded), but her communications could still work, and she continued to work from home. We had another employee who was able to make it into the office and is actually putting everything together. These examples cover just a few of the employees. As the flood waters go down, things are getting back to normal, but for a few days Mother Nature thought she had our Contracting Office shut down. HA! If we had to, we could have all jumped on Skype to have meetings, and used free private groups already on the internet to handle non-classified projects. We are Contracting, nothing shuts us down. If we have to, we can always go manual.