Carol Davison

Diversity is a good thing, because different people solve problems from different viewpoints. We need all genders, races, national origins, abilities, etc to produce the best results. Additionally, diversity can be achieved if one plans for it. In one organization I changed our leadership development program from 100% white male to 60 female and 40 minority by diversifying the board that selected program participants, getting diverse individuals who had participated in the program in the past to conduct speeches about the program, and having individuals submit written applications with recommendations and agreements to release them from duty for the period of training from their supervisor. The board then interviewed, rated and ranked the individuals. Because I made it MORE DIFFICULT to get into the programs, our graduation rate rose from 60 to 100%. When I realized that I only had black and white participants I attend the Navy’s Hispanic Leadership Development Conference (there wasn’t an Asian one), I was taught that Hispanic culture teaches them to be humble, and if I wanted Hispanic applicants, I needed to ask them to apply. I decided to ask anyone I thought qualified to apply.