John Bersentes

Very timely post Dan, short answer yes.
It is not so much a question of should diversity be one of OPM’s major initiatives, it has now become a question of how should an agency ( OPM or any other agency) address strategic talent acquisition in terms of attracting the best and brightest talent.

The way in which agencies look to attract this talent is as important as how they do it.

With all due respect to my colleagues in the staffing or recruitment industry-contingency staffing models, hiring contractors to convert interns into FTE’s is one way to introduce cultural changes in the workplace- and as of late OPM has put out an RFP to do this related to PWTD, as has FAA. I applaud these efforts, but to me this kind of an approach seems to be a quick fix, and may not lead to real sustainable or long lasting results- ultimately one that may not yield the most effective ROI over time.

Developing diverse pipelines of talent needs to be the logical extension of the employment brand platform
( brand being the first step in the E2E process related to recruitment) as well as the result of EEO and HR’s strategic partnership to build an approach to outreach and like VA Diversity & Inclusion program at VA -looked upon as a shared responsibility with metrics that can support the goals of the overall recruitment plan.
For instance, VA D&I has the Community Prosperity Partnership program whereby the hold Hispanic outreach events around the country for Veterans and stakeholder community based networks. A model for building out sustainable diversity focused partnerships in the community. The monies invested in this type of approach to me, seem to be better served than fees to a head hunter. At the end of the day, be inventive, creative, and EEO and HR should start to talk and think collectively how to leverage their unique networks and resources instead of being caught up in the “gotcha” politics that all too often lead to the compliance mentality.