Candace Riddle

@ Amanda

Thank you so much for sharing. The challenges of being a single, working mom can sometimes seem overwhelming. Nonetheless, it is an extreme feeling of confidence and pride to walk in the door at night knowing that you can have your cake and eat it too!

I too have done the three jobs at one time thing. I wanted to purchase my first home when I was 24 and my son was 2. I worked as a paralegal by day, waited tables at night, and worked for a media company on the weekend. I sacrificed about 9 months at 7 days a week and 18 hrs a day…but in the end I bought my home.

Now as I am preparing to move to Washington, my son looked at me and said, “Mommy, I love our house; can we take it with us to Washington”. I laughed, almost cried, and had to tell him that we would only be taking our toys. Nonetheless, I beamed knowing that he appreciated and loved his home.

It certainly is not the material things that matter in this story, but the principle that a hard working mom who is determined to provide a better life for her child will one day leave a legacy that very well could change the world.

I remind myself daily that the only lasting impression that I can leave on this world, long after I’m gone, is my son.