Tracy Kerchkof

My computer would work just fine if it wasn’t jammed with all of the agency security software!!! I’ve provided enough “customer support” to my mom to know why these safeguards are in place…but I still hate them. It takes my computer 25 minutes or more to turn on in the morning!!!!!! I also hate that I don’t have administrator rights on my computer. If I want to install any program, I have to put a request in to IT and wait sometimes over a day to get it installed. I’ve replaced hard drives and reinstalled operating systems several times, you don’t think I can be trusted to install a simple water quality model I want to test out?? Again, I understand why they do this, but its really really frustrating. I wish there was a way we could ask for more admin privileges, like a certification or something.

On the flip side, I also hate it when people in my office complain about technology when its actually the user’s fault. When we got our new email software, my boss complained that it wouldn’t allow him to view his calendar in a certain way. All he had to do was change his settings. But no, its the programs fault, its IT’s fault, everyone is out to get him. So annoying!