Where do I begin, lets see

-Trouble call from one of our problem users, she cant seem to get the computer to come on so we go out to check on it and apparently she placed her purse on her power strip and didn’t realize she killed her computer.

-User calls in and reports no connectivity, we go out to the site and come to find out she moved her computer to a new desk without telling anyone and there’s no CAT 5 cable, of course she didn’t realize she needed the “Pretty Blue” cable so she threw it away.

-Of course we have the issue where a user in one of our offices wanted all of his personnel to have wireless mouses and was angry that IT wouldn’t allow it so he walked around with a pair of scissors and cut 15 mice cables thinking he could force us to buy them wireless mice. We just fired him.

-Then you have the fun job of tracking what your command does with its issued laptops, I always love the one where the user didn’t need it so instead of turning it in she left it in the trunk of her car with the spare tire.

I could write o book on some of the things I have seen, thanks for letting me vent now for a cup of coffee 😉