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Avi Dey

August 14, 2015

Topic: “America is Not Number One Anymore…”

Discussion: In the Olympics, sports, America, recently became# #01, but in the past, America has been as low as #10 nation. America is a large nation, and so, but it’s the spirit of competitive sports to strive for excellence, and building friendships in the world, with other people, and staying in the game for the long term.

Question : Doesn’t the same “spirit” apply for the international competition in the pursuit of economic well being and quality of life when compared to such “high” value nations such as Finland, Denmark, Germany, Japan and China, who are rapidly gaining on America in these other measures such as quality of life, economic well being, and education ? (As an example, See what we are doing in the State of Virginia to think long term, while work on the short term. See the highlights of “Virginia Report 2014” , created by an appointed thoughtful citizens group , Council on Virginia’s Future )

Avi Dey
Café Twin