Oh boy, where to I begin?

It’s tough because the system I use is from 1975. It’s not a real-time system and so if you do something and it bounces, you won’t know until the next day.

The other problem is that it has to print reports on the floor printer. And every morning, the system has to print out about 300 pages of reports. You can’t pull these up on a screen.

So, our poor floor printer gets a ton of use and tends to break down. One morning, it began to make a sound. A screeching, horrible, God-awful sound.

I quickly called IT and was given a ticket. They scheduled a contractor to come out and fix it.

He was late. I called again a week later.

“Helpdesk, how can I help you?”

“I need you to send somebody to fix it today”

“what’s wrong with it?”

I hold the phone up, the printer which is across the room is screaming in pain. The person on the other end of the line hears this


It was about a month of this before it was fixed. Next time, I’m just going to hit it with a big truck and be done with it!