Srinidhi Boray

Improper payments, fudged contracts, obfuscation in making OMB plans, all these and much more.

I have data to prove how all these over the years have become a systemic and well oiled process, many time working directly under the direct glare of OMB. Every time when I have come across such things, only thing to hazard is retribution.

In the Fed IT Spend, inappropriate categorization of the investments has allowed many to inadvertently or intentionally create plans for investments, which when brought into public scrutiny many toxic assets will be discovered.

This dragon has no beginning no end. I wonder how such anaconda has existed without anyone obviously discovering it.

50% of the IT Spend of the $76 Billion is classified as “minor” that does need to be submitted to OMB for disclosures.

A simple detailed audit in just one agency will purge out the toxic plans and contracts.

Check the link below.


If anyone willing I can physically show such distortions in agencies.

The Financial Reform that is desired in Wall St, will have its best effect when started in DC.

Many areas of fraud, only thing lacking is will and motivation.

8(a) is also not discounted, much exploited scheme all in the name of minority benefits.

The future of young american lies forever robbed.