Denise Petet

I saw that news report. I think the most depressing thing about it. The copier company knows there’s a hard drive in there…and they either don’t tell or count on someone reading the manual to find out and put two and two together.

and they do (at least the one in the story) have software to wipe the harddrive…oh wait, it’s a 500 dollar add on.

I’m sorry, yes, the customer needs to know and take steps and should know the technicalities of stuff in their building, but IMHO, the company, in not being forward with the info and in CHARGING more for a fix is just as bad as the folks buying and swiping info from the copiers.

I’m sorry, but the wiping software should be standard and included in the price of the copier, not be hundreds of dollars extra. Just highway robbery.

We have ‘printer monitoring’ here. ANd it was made very clear all it was was who printed a document titled what for how many pages. Just a ‘paper reduction tool’ and it was made very clear that the info being printed would not be captured, just a username and file name. I bet our legal dept is all over this, cause not only is there the personnel and privacy issues, there’s also legal issues.

Every company has information that could be litigated against them, and potentially having that info out there are little landmines just waiting to be stepped on. The ‘off shore people taking info out of the machines’ is far more likely, however anything is possible.

In the news story the copiers they bought had police dept data on them, arrest reports, witness statements, etc. They also had medical info, diagnosis, medical records, etc….all accessible via plugging the hard drive in and using software free on the net to get to it.