Srinidhi Boray


Is someone puling a fast one out here. I was to work with Marlene Howze Chief Architect DOL beginning last month, I was prematurely terminated within two days and taken off the project.

Looking at various investments, minor and major, those reported and those not reported to OMB, the truth will be flushed out.

This investment that it is major needs to be reported to OMB, I don’t see anything reported.

I think there is something very fishy going on here, in the $500 Million IT portfolio at DOL.


“Enterprisewide system is installed in 18 months for less that $10 million

By Rutrell Yasin
Feb 02, 2010
Officials at the Labor Department decided two years ago that the best way to replace their 20-year old financial managent system was to install a pre-configured solution that could be integrated across more than 22 agencies and organizations.

The seeds of that decision have finally borne fruit with Labor moving to a cloud computing-based financial management system, said David Lucas, chief strategy officer of Global Computer Enterprises, the contractor on the project.”